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Blue Mountains, Inter-Mountain Pipe & Threading

Meet The Team

Dana Bonander, Inter-Mountain President

Dana Bonander

Dana is a second generation business owner that has been a part of Inter-Mountain Pipe & Threading Company for most of his life. He began his employment with IMPT working through the summer months as a teen doing every odd job thrown his way. After leaving Casper to pursue education, earning a Bachelors in Arts degree from Concordia College and a Masters in Business Administration from University of Phoenix,


Dana returned to Inter-mountain in 2006 full time. He began with the Sales team and later served as Executive Vice President. In January 2024 Dana earned the title of President. His background has provided strengths in problem solving, critical thinking, and team building. Dana values customer service and providing the best product for continued growth into the future!




Richard Bonander, Inter-Mountain Executive Vice-President

Richard Bonander

Executive Vice-President

After graduating with an engineering degree from Montana State University , Rick became involved in the Oil & Gas, Mining, Water Well, and Construction industries; specifically, providing pipe in it's many applications to these businesses.


Rick established Inter-Mountain Pipe Company in 1982 and is involved in all aspects of the pipe business from engineering design, testing and inspection to threading and transportation of products to our customers.


He is dedicated to providing our customers with the utmost in information, knowledge and service; That is, the right pipe for the job and the right price! 



Zach Breed, Inter-Mountain Vice President

Zach Breed

Zach Breed embarked on his journey with Inter-Mountain in 2003, starting as a CNC machinist. His hands-on experience in precision machining provided him with invaluable insights into the intricacies of manufacturing processes and the importance of quality control. This experience laid the foundation for his unwavering commitment to excellence.

Driven by a passion for learning and growth, Zach pursued higher education, attending both Casper College and the University of Wyoming, where he earned a degree in Business Administration. Armed with a comprehensive understanding of both technical and managerial aspects, Zach returned to Inter-Mountain in 2010, transitioning into a pivotal sales role.

With a deep understanding of the company's values and industry dynamics, Zach's strategic vision and steadfast dedication propelled him to take on the role of Vice President in 2023. His leadership has been instrumental in driving the company's growth and fostering lasting relationships with clients and partners alike.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Zach is an avid advocate for continuous improvement and innovation within the manufacturing sector. His hands-on experience as a CNC machinist informs his approach to quality control, ensuring that Inter-Mountain consistently delivers products of the highest standard.

As Vice President, Zach Breed continues to steer Inter-Mountain towards new heights, shaping the future of the company and leaving an indelible mark on the industry.




Vice President

Kyle Mills, Inter-Mountain Sales Manager

Kyle Mills

Sales Manager

Kyle Mills is a cornerstone of the Inter-Mountain team, bringing with him a wealth of experience and expertise in the Oil and Gas Industry. Joining the company in 2019, Kyle has spent over two decades honing his skills and knowledge in various capacities within the industry.

With a background encompassing Shipping and Receiving, Counter Sales, Inside and Outside Sales, as well as extensive fieldwork for Service Companies, Kyle possesses a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of the field. His experience spans both the Down Hole and Surface Equipment and Rental sectors, making him a versatile asset to the organization.

Throughout his tenure, Kyle has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to providing exceptional service and fostering strong client relationships. He understands the importance of effective communication and goes above and beyond to meet the needs of customers.

In recognition of his dedication and leadership qualities, Kyle was appointed Sales Manager in 2024. In this role, he continues to uphold the highest standards of excellence while leading his team to success. Kyle's proactive approach and relentless determination ensure that clients receive unparalleled support and assistance.

As Sales Manager, Kyle Mills remains a driving force behind Inter-Mountain's continued growth and success, embodying the company's values of professionalism, integrity, and exceptional service.

Alex Pietrzak, Inter-Mountain Sales

Alex Pietrzak joined the Inter-Mountain team in 2023 after a successful tenure spanning eight years in the Fire Protection & Life Safety Industry. Throughout his career, Alex has honed specialized skills in Sales, Customer Retention & Service, and Project Management, making him an invaluable addition to the Inter-Mountain sales team.

His profound understanding of industry intricacies and knack for strategic problem-solving empower him to navigate complex client requirements with finesse, ensuring seamless delivery of solutions tailored to meet their unique needs and challenges.

A steadfast advocate for exceptional communication, Alex prioritizes fostering strong relationships with clients, endeavoring to guarantee each customer enjoys the utmost quality experience. His commitment to proactive communication not only nurtures trust and loyalty but also serves as a cornerstone for successful collaboration and project execution.


Alex's unwavering dedication to continuous learning and industry advancement underscores his proactive approach to professional growth. Ever eager to glean insights from emerging trends and best practices, he remains at the forefront of industry developments, ready to leverage newfound knowledge to deliver innovative solutions that drive client success.

Call or email him today!



Alex Pietrzak


David Osborn, Inter-Mountain Sales

David Osborn


David Osborn's journey with Inter-Mountain began in 2019 when he assumed the role of Yard and Equipment Manager, a position from which he swiftly ascended to the role of Plant Manager. Through his tenure, David has amassed invaluable experience, gaining comprehensive insight into every facet of the products and services that Inter-Mountain offers.


His multifaceted role has afforded him a nuanced understanding of the intricacies involved in managing operations, from overseeing equipment logistics to ensuring seamless plant functionality, thus positioning him as a linchpin in the company's operational framework.


Before his tenure at Inter-Mountain, David served as the Director of Operations for a prominent fire suppression manufacturer in Australia. He spearheaded strategic initiatives aimed at optimizing production processes and enhancing product quality, and solidified his reputation for a keen eye for operational excellence.


David’s oil filed career started in 2006 with Halliburton where he learned the importance of downhole completions that later lead into an opportunity in the MWD world.  He then transitioned into the production side of the industry where he gained valuable knowledge about midstream, oil and gas plants, tank batteries and well site infrastructure.


David is committed to customer service and is looking forward to working with each of you in the future.


Traci Young, Inter-Mountain Office Manager

Traci Young

Office Manager

Traci Young is an accomplished Office Manager, bringing a unique blend of expertise spanning accounting, human resources, logistics, and inventory management. With a proven track record of driving operational efficiency and fostering a positive work environment, she has made a meaningful impact on IMPT.


With a strong financial background, she is able to manage accounts payable and receivable, process payroll, and maintain meticulous financial records.

Matched with the key role aspect of overseeing logistics and inventory, Traci brings a keen eye for detail and a systematic approach to maintaining optimal operational efficiency.

Throughout her career, Traci has demonstrated the ability to adapt to changing business needs and implement innovative solutions. She is a proactive problem-solver, always seeking ways to streamline processes and enhance overall office operations.Underpinning Traci's diverse skillset is a steadfast commitment to excellence.


She takes pride in her work and strives to exceed expectations, delivering high-quality results that contribute to the success of the organization.

Underpinning Traci's diverse skillset is a steadfast commitment to excellence. She takes pride in her work and strives to exceed expectations, delivering high-quality results that contribute to the success of the organization.


Derek Crain, Inter-Mountain Inventory Specialist

Derek Crain

Inventory Specialist

Derek Crain is a dedicated and versatile professional with a passion for both inventory management and firefighting. With a strong background in inventory control and a commitment to public service, he brings a unique blend of talents to his position. Derek provides both knowledge and expertise through his 12 years of Oil and Gas Industry experience along with an associate degree in applied science.

As an inventory specialist, Derek has a proven track record of optimizing supply chain operations, implementing efficient inventory systems, and ensuring accurate asset counts. His attention to detail, analytical mindset, and ability to work under pressure make him a valuable asset in managing inventory workflows and maintaining seamless supply chains.

In addition to his role in inventory management, Derek serves as a full-time firefighter with Casper Fire-EMS, where he demonstrates bravery, quick thinking, and exceptional teamwork in high-stress situations. His experience in emergency response and crisis management equips him with the ability to remain calm under pressure and make sound decisions in fast-paced environments.

Derek's commitment to excellence, strong work ethic, and ability to juggle multiple responsibilities make him an ideal addition to the team making a positive impact both for Inter-Mountain and on the front lines of public safety.

Becky Atchley, Inter-Mountain Marketing

Becky Atchley


Becky joined the Inter-Mountain team in 2023, infusing our collective expertise with a rich tapestry of over 20 years of executive-level prowess in business and product development, encompassing adept management, strategic marketing, and impactful public relations.

Her portfolio traverses diverse landscapes, spanning the realms of education, entertainment, and non-profit sectors. Additionally, Becky's invaluable contributions as a corporate consultant have left an indelible mark across various manufacturing and product development spheres, further enhancing her versatility and depth of experience.

With an unwavering commitment to fostering effective communication channels and nurturing enduring partnerships, Becky looks forward to the opportunity to leverage her multifaceted skill set to fortify our connections within our esteemed customer and partner network.



The Inter-Mountain Team

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