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Continuing    a    tradition    of  customer-driven  innovation,  we  now offer a  flush   joint connection    which    combines    several    key    features found   in   our   other   threads. Inter-Mountain Speed Casing  (IMSC) stabs  easily,  makes  up  quickly (over 30% faster than HW) and resists back-off without sacrificing joint strength.

Ten years and several hundred thousand feet of flush joint experience led to a combination of our tapered flush (IMTF) and the old standby "W" (DCDMA) thread form to satisfy a variety of needs with one product.  Inter-Mountain Threading Vice President Greg Breed says:
    "This thread was designed to meet the requirements of the mines and the drilling contractors.  The improvements for the mines are in strength and durability.  Increased strength comes from a two degree loading flank and also more thread engagement.  Better durability is achieved by reducing the angle of taper to maintain more body wall at pin and box nose and establishing a 45 degree stabbing flank (thus reducing handling damage).  The root and crest are designed with clearance to minimize galling due to friction and foreign matter.  The major benefit to the drilling contractors is the speed of make-up.  Other considerations are less time pampering the threads, field dressing of damaged threads, and lower torque pressures for proper makeup and break out of connections."
Consider the advantages of SPEED CASING:  Less connection time, fewer damaged threads and better recovery.

IMSC thread form detail



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